The Late Dato' I.K.Cheah


Dato' Cheah Inn Kheam was always fondly known as I.K. by friends and his colleagues in law.. He passed away on 13 December 1984. Lawyer by profession but he was also widely known for his zeal and zest for music, poetry, acting and was an accomplished ballroom dancer. He was instrumental in forming the Penang Arts Council Orchestra in 1958. He played the violin fluently and with his two daughters, he had a "family orchestra". He was the founder of the Penang Dance Association. He used to dance at the YMCA Ballroom Dancing Section where he was the Chairman.

In 1933 he joined the Penang Turf Club as an Ordinary Member and by 1949, he served as a Committee Member. In July 1982 he was appointed acting President of PNTC and was duly elected the President in March 1983. IK was truly a most interesting and colourful gentleman and a true Freemason. A loss to racing and Penang.